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          Award announcement

          TTA are proud to confirm our selection as a supplier of outsourced transcription services to the Public sector, awarded by the government NHS Shared Business Services group.

          Accurate transcripts every time

          The Transcription Agency’s in-house Quality Control Team quality checks 100% of transcripts without fail, ensuring consistently accurate transcripts.

          Discounts available

          Applicable on Civil, Family and Tribunal court transcription - contact us for more details.

          Experience our efficient service

          We can provide a FREE sample to new clients requiring English transcription - contact us for more details

          Dedicated support team

          We have a dedicated, efficient team who are committed to delivering high standards of customer service and support. The team are on hand to help and support you through the transcription order process.

          The Transcription Agency provides an accurate, professional and efficient service to clients in a variety of sectors, both public and private.  With experience in a wide range of subject areas, its management, administration, transcription and translation teams have the expertise to deliver high standards of service every time.

          Research Transcription

          Legal Transcription incl ABE interviews, inquests & Tribunals

          County, Family & Tribunal Court Transcription

          Crown Court Transcription

          Medical Transcription

          Customer Call Transcription

          Audio Translation

          Document Translation

          The Transcription Agency
          • (please note n/a if not applicable)